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VAC2U provides vacuum loading services for all types of projects with our expert engineered and well-maintained vacuum trucks for hire and expert machine operators across South East Queensland.

What is vacuum loading used for?

Vacuum loading is the process used hydro excavation or dry vacuum excavation to suck up the material to be removed into a vacuum truck.

Vacuum loading is useful for a number of applications, including:
  • Brick residue removal
  • Concrete slurry removal
  • Woodchip removal
  • Wet or dry clay removal
  • Septic tank cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Oil spill clearing
  • Liquid waste removal
  • Sludge removal
  • Debris removal after excavation
  • Environmental waste removal
  • Tank cleaning
  • Bunding area cleaning
  • Dewatering large sites such as city basements after heavy rainfall
Vacuum Loading cleaning

Benefits of vacuum loading

Vacuum loading is a non-labour-intensive method of removing waste and debris for a wide variety of projects, including construction, excavation, utility location, environmental spillage, pipe maintenance, large tank cleaning projects, cleaning out bunding areas (cleaning spills under silos), dewatering areas after heavy rainfall and more. As a form of non-destructive digging, vacuum loading removes only the required material while leaving the surrounding area and infrastructure undamaged.

With fewer operators required to remove waste and debris, and less expenses spent on insurance and damage repair costs, vacuum loading is an affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly waste and debris removal method.

Vacuum Loading Brisbane

The VAC2U vacuum loading experience

Vacuum loading’s reputation as a safe and environmentally friendly waste and debris removal method is directly aligned with VAC2U’s values of sustainability, integrity, performance, respect, and accountability. VAC2U holds a current ERA57 Licence with the QLD Government and are fully certified to carry and dispose of regulated waste. Because of our reputation and certified experience, we provide competitive rates on our vacuum loading services, performed by highly trained machine operators with a fleet of modern, safe, compliant, and well-maintained vacuum trucks for hire.

VAC2U’s industry experience and policy of delivering on our commitments enable us to meet our clients’ specific vacuum loading requirements.

Precision in Protection of your Underground Assets

Hire VAC2U’s vacuum loading services for your next waste or debris removal project.

Our vacuum trucks for hire

We perform our vacuum loading services with our fleet of well-built and well-maintained vacuum trucks for hire. We supply 3000L, 4000L, 5000L, and 7000L vacuum trucks for hire with expert machine operators across South East Queensland. Learn more here.

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We provide our vacuum loading services across South East Queensland. Our most frequently served locations include:


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