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Precision in Protection of your Underground Assets

Installing or uncovering essential buried assets can be extremely complex. Damaging an essential utility such as internet cables, sewer lines and power cables can be costly and will delay a project, not to mention the massive disruption and inconvenience to local communities. VAC2U truly believe that non-destructive digging is the way of the future and we enjoy showcasing our cost effective, safe and efficient sucker trucks.

Why is Non-Destructive Digging important?


Non-destructive digging, otherwise known as vacuum excavation, is widely regarded as the safest and most efficient way to expose or excavate underground utilities. This excavation technique uses ‘sucker trucks’ which combine air suction, compressed air lances and high-pressured water jets to expose buried utilities. Non-destructive digging is suitable for excavation projects that require working around buried utilities such as telecommunication lines, storm drains, gas lines and water mains.

What is Non-Destructive Digging?

Vacuum excavation is commonly used for maintenance, repairs or installation work in the oil, gas and mining sectors alongside a variety of both domestic and civil engineering projects. Non-destructive digging is effective for projects such as potholing and trenching, precision excavation, light pole installation, traffic signal installation and landscaping. Vacuum excavation provides a safe alternative to mechanical digging which does not sacrifice on excavating power. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider using non-destructive digging for your next civil or domestic engineering project.

When is Non-Destructive Digging used?

Non-destructive digging methods have become increasingly popular in recent decades as it alleviates many risks that are commonly associated with conventional digging via an excavator or shovel. Non-destructive digging has proven to significantly decrease the risk of line strikes and utility damage as well as decreasing project duration and overall costs.

Why is Non-Destructive Digging so popular?

1.    Safety First

2.    Cost Effective

The cost benefits of non-destructive digging quickly stack up. This is due to its lower risk for underground utilities damage, minimal liabilities and higher level of worker safety. Traditional excavation methods can be time-consuming and have a higher chance of damaging buried utilities. Damaging these utilities is incredibly costly, and there is a risk of disrupting thousands of people by damaging an underground utility. These errors can also potentially delay the project, resulting in repairs and can exponentially increase labour costs. Non-destructive digging uses an effectively planned and logical approach to getting into the ground with minimal chance of destruction. Vacuum excavation is a cheaper alternative as it only typically requires one sucker truck and one skilled operator who can handle the entire project, saving on labour costs.

3.    Environmentally friendly

Non-destructive digging is widely regarded as the most environmentally friendly way of excavation. Vacuum excavation trucks are fully equipped to safely remove all types of debris, allowing for quick clean and precise excavations. The debris are sucked through a tube, stored into a tank. This allows for a clean worksite and ensures that the land is easily restored to its initial state after the evacuation. Non-destructive digging is also significantly quieter in comparison to mechanical excavation, minimising disruptions to local communities and surrounding wildlife.

4.    Damage Prevention

Mechanical digging can be prone to accidents, including the damage of buried materials and utilities. Prior to beginning a non-destructive digging project, utility detection equipment is used to map the area and minimise any potential damage. Non-destructive digging extracts the earth through a small ‘surgical’ opening where the excavation takes place. A high-powered vacuum insertion is made to remove dirt, then the underground utilities are safely exposed without damage to the protective coatings of pipes and cables.

5.    Faster than mechanical excavators

With congested underground easements and roadways, it is becoming increasingly important to identify the location of any underground utilities before a project commences. Non-destructive digging allows for both the exposure of energised buried lines as well as the recording of depths and locations of buried utilities. Once an accurate map of buried utilities is made, any future constructions can be accurately planned. This saves the slow and tedious process of hand digging to uncover utilities. Using the non-destructive digging method increases productivity and efficiency, making it faster than traditional digging methods.

Non-destructive digging is the safest method of excavation by far. The underground of a worksite is densely packed with vital lines, cables and pipes which can be poorly mapped. When working to repair or install new underground services, traditional excavation methods can damage these important services, putting operators and property at risk. Non-destructive digging allows for safe excavation while working around underground gas mains, sewer pipes and water pipes without risk to the property or operators working on the site.

The benefits of using non-destructive digging are clear, vacuum excavation methods provide a safe, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to mechanical digging. At VAC2U, we offer a range of sucker trucks with waste holding capabilities of 3,000L to 8,000L. Our trucks are new, safety compliant and fitted with precise GPS telematics. 

Equipped with additional add-on tools, our fleet features vacuum tooling, pothole wands, high pressure water hoses and more to ensure you reach your desired digging length. Our sucker trucks can provide professional vacuum excavation, potholing, jet rodding and utility locating services. The VAC2U team can assist you with any project, our experienced technicians are fully trained and hold a range of industry credentials. 

Whether you need to install a brand-new set of traffic lights, pothole the ground for repairs or work on a landscaping project, VAC2U’s vacuum truck hire and vacuuming solutions can help you with any residential or civil project today. Our service range extends from Tweed Heads and the Sunshine Coast in Northern New South Wales to Brisbane, Toowoomba and western regions, and South East Queensland. VAC2U are willing to service any location in Queensland or Northern NSW. Be sure to get in touch for a free quote on any of our wet hire services, no project is too big or small. Call (07) 4132 8517 for a quote today.

Protecting your underground assets with precision

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