Underground service location or utility mapping is an underground construction process that produces a map showing the position and placement of buried underground utilities. Service location involves detecting underground utilities such as sewers, electric cables, telecommunication cables, gas and water mains. The most comprehensive detailed utility map results come from the combination of the service location along with a topographical survey. This combination accurately shows everything that is located underground or directly related to the above ground.

When will you need Underground Service Location?

If your construction project requires breaking through surface level to the underground, a utility map will become your most used possession as it shows the exact positions of the buried underground utilities you may encounter. The utility map provides you with correct information to help prevent you from digging into or damaging any utilities that may cause injury or harm to on-site workers or the public.

When you have full knowledge of underground service locations prior to undertaking any underground construction, you have full capacity to avoid and reroute underground utilities during the planning stage of a construction contract. This utility avoidance and rerouting will limit unexpected project costs by eliminating damage to utilities.

Underground Service Location Techniques

Service location can go as far as using electromagnetic locating, ground-penetrating radars, electro-magnetic induction and vacuum excavation techniques. These techniques can provide more specific utility information to identify the service locations with accurate depths and orientation, along with identifying the exact types of utilities buried underground on the construction site.


VAC2U use Dial-Before-You-Dig accredited service locators for underground service location of fibre optic cables, major gas mains, sewers and stormwater drains. Being accredited with Dial-Before-You-Dig means you are a certified service locator. Service locators must pass a series of theory and practical assessments and prove they have appropriate equipment and expertise to meet industry standards for safe and competent use of different underground locating techniques.

Hire us for underground service location on your next construction project.

VAC2U provide our clients across South East Queensland with underground service location of electrical cables, concrete structures, water pipes and sewerage systems. We produce utility maps for future reference that are available for whenever building begins.

Contact our team to enquire about our underground service location across South East Queensland in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and on the Sunshine Coast. Give us a call or complete our online contact form for a free personalised quote.


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