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Trusted industry leaders with a modern fleet of Vermeer vacuum trucks for hire across South East Queensland.


Hydro Excavation - How Does It Work?

VAC2U's Excavation Hire fleet of vacuum excavators and drain cleaning units provide a safe and cost-effective solution for your non-destructive needs.

VAC2U Excavation Hire has a fleet of high quality, modern sucker trucks fitted with GPS telematics for hire across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and western regions and Northern New South Wales.

Operated by a team of highly trained and reliable technicians, VAC2U’s fleet of Vermeer truck-mounted vacuum excavators ranging from 3,000L to 8,000L waste tank capacity provide a safe, cost-effective solution to all of your non-destructive digging and service locating needs.

Don’t risk obstruction or damage to underground assets including sewer lines, power cables, gas lines, telecommunication and internet cables. Save time and material handling costs, call for a free quote today.

Key Services

  • Non-destructive digging
  • Dial-Before-you-Dig accredited underground service location (of fibre optic cables, major gas mains, sewers and stormwater drains)
  • Potholing
  • Trenching
  • Vacuum loading
  • Drain Jetting
  • Drain Cleaning
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Spill response
  • Liquid waste removal and sludge removal
  • CCTV drain clearing
  • Confined space cleaning
  • Street cleaning to ensure drain systems and environmental standards are upheld.
  • Support for a range of construction and commercial trades that require vacuum excavation including NBN rollout services, engineering and drill rig support.
A combination of high-pressure water and advanced vacuum technologies are used to safely remove material from and around water and gas pipes, cables and any other underground assets and utilities. VAC2U’s advanced equipment provides a safe, effective, and cost-efficient method of excavating around and exposing subsurface assets with an extremely high level of accuracy and reliability.

Isuzu NLS155 Tipper Truck


7000L Drain cleaning/jet rodder


VTI 7000L 6 Inch Boom Hydro/Vacuum Excavation Unit


Vermeer VSK1200HD (5000L) Unit


VSK800HD 4000L Sewer Jet Unit


VSK800HD 3000-4000L Unit

Comprehensive vacuum excavation hire available throughout South East Queensland.

Do you need to complete a pot holing or trenching job in Brisbane? Have an excavation project in a tight access area on the Gold Coast? Or dealing with a chemical spill? With VAC2U’s Vermeer sucker trucks for wet hire available for prompt and efficient service, you can get your excavation project on the move again. Contact us today and receive a free quote on any of our Vermeer sucker truck wet hire rates.

Precision in Protection of your Underground Assets


When you choose to use our hydro excavation and non-destructive digging services, you are choosing safety first. Our hydro excavation services work by using highly pressured water to blast soil and earth, turning it into a slurry that can be removed by our sucker trucks. This process leaves harder materials, like stone, hard plastic and steel intact, meaning that when you only need to excavate soil and earth and not damage any nearby hard surfaces such as utilities or underground foundations, VAC2U’s hydro excavation and non-destructive digging services are the perfect choice, especially for utility locating.

NDD and hydro excavation solutions for all excavation and civil construction projects.

Have an excavation project in a tight access area that no tracked or wheeled excavator can reach on the Gold Coast? Need to excavate near utilities in Sunnybank? With VAC2U’s selection of Vermeer sucker trucks for wet hire, ranging from 3000 L to 8000 L capacity, we can provide a comprehensive vacuum excavation and sucker truck solution for all residential excavation and civil construction projects in South East Queensland. Our vacuum trucks for hire are all operated by professional and well-trained operators with years of experience working in the vacuum excavation and hydro excavation industry.

We supply a broad selection of vacuum trucks for hire.

Providing Efficient Potholing & Trenching Services


If you are needing to deal with a blocked pipe, sewer or storm water drain, you need to deal with the problem sooner rather than later, as blocked drainage and sewer systems can quickly back up and produce localised flooding, a problem that takes more specialised equipment and personnel to clear. VAC2U can supply you with a prompt, comprehensive and powerful jet rodding service that can eliminate blockages caused by earth, waste material and even tree branches.

Clear debris from a blocked drain with our specialised jet rodding equipment

Usually when you have a potholing or trenching job, you would hire an excavator. When you’re dealing with a residential or civil construction project, getting an excavator in the correct position to even begin can be time consuming. You also run the risk of an excavator damaging an underground utility or excavating more than it should have. If these potential issues are a concern, then VAC2U’s vacuum excavators are the solution that solves every single problem you have. 

You don’t have to worry about getting your excavator into position, our vacuum hoses are much smaller than any machine, can bend around corners and can be placed directly at the project site. The ease of using hydro excavation makes forming a pothole or a trench simple and allows for detailed excavation work that excavators struggle to perform.

Protecting your underground assets with precision

Dealing with spills can be tricky to manage, as the liquid can be hazardous or otherwise difficult to clean up, and its only a matter of time before the liquid gets absorbed into the soil, potentially poisoning it. Deal with the problem as soon as possible by choosing VAC2U’s wet hire vacuum trucks and highly trained team. We supply all the liquid waste removal and safety protection equipment to deal with the situation by sucking up the entire spill into our sucker truck containers for safe disposal at a government-approved disposal site. We also provide liquid waste removal services for sceptic tanks and grease traps for when their routine cleaning.

Clean up liquid or chemical spills or remove liquid waste with our sucker truck range.

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