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Hydro excavation is a non-destructive digging process using high pressurised water to disperse and break the ground material under the target surface level. The hydro excavation process creates a slurry that is sucked up and removed from the excavated hole into a vacuum tank. The vacuum excavation truck then transports the slurry to a soil transfer or disposal plant to be safely processed and disposed.

Hydro Excavation Equipment

Hydro excavation equipment combines water jets along with a roots blower vacuum. The water jets produce the high pressurised water that loosens and breaks the ground material. The roots blower is used as a high Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) vacuum to remove the slurry from the underground hole into the vacuum tank.

Safety with Hydro Excavation

Non-destructive digging conducted from hydro excavators is becoming increasingly popular for excavation projects, particularly working around underground utilities such as telecommunication cables, pipelines, storm drains, gas lines and water mains. The hydro excavation process is a safe and efficient alternative when it comes to digging around and exposing utilities.

Using hydro excavation avoids damage to underground utilities. Preventing damage to utilities will eliminate high expenses that would otherwise be needed for repairs and restoration. The fewer repairs and restoration means a quicker turnaround for completing the overall project as scheduled.

Hydro excavation also allows us to dig deep holes without leaving lasting damage on the environment. However, treatment and recovery will commence if there is any unintentional environmental damage.

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