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VAC2U offers non-destructive digging services, also known as hydro-excavation as a safe way to excavate soil and perform earthworks around underground utilities.

How does non-destructive digging work?

By combining pressurised water and a high flow rate of fast-moving air, sections of soil, sand and dirt are cleared and removed in a controlled and non-destructive flow. The slurry of soil and water is sucked through a tube into our waiting sucker truck debris tank ready to be taken offsite.

Non-destructive digging is perfect for an excavation project that requires you to work around buried utilities and underground infrastructures like sewer lines, power cables, gas lines, telecommunication and internet cables and more. Non-destructive digging has very little risk of damaging fragile utilities or important foundation under the surface, something that regular excavators would be at risk of damaging. The cost of damaging these utilities can be extremely high, you run the risk of disrupting thousands of people by damaging an underground utility.


Where can I use non-destructive digging?

Commonly used for work in the oil, gas and mining sectors, non-destructive digging is also regularly used for a variety of both domestic and civil engineering projects.  For potholing, utility locating, tight access excavation and more, non-destructive digging can provide a safe, viable alternative that doesn't sacrifice on excavating power.


What we offer?

At VAC2U, we offer a range of sucker trucks with waste holding capabilities of 3,000L up to 8,000L to assist on a range of your hydro excavation projects. Modern, high quality and safety compliant, the heart of our fleet is our Vermeer trailer and truck mounted excavators.

Regular inspections and servicing of our equipment ensure optimal levels of performance and safety to ultimately ensure that our non-destructive digging services are delivered to a high standard of quality within your timeframe.


Our specialist and safe potholing services are extremely popular across plumbing, telecommunication and electrical industries and are a regularly technique used on a vast range of private and commercial construction sites across Queensland and NSW.

Don’t take the risk. Call VAC2U today to locate and safely hydro vac at your project today.

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Where is Potholing used?

What is Potholing?

Essential for civil earthworks and considered the safest way to reach underground utilities, Potholing is a crucial step when locating underground services including telecommunication and electricity cables, water lines and more. Using a combination of vacuum technology and pressure systems and water, Potholing is a non-destructive digging technique used regularly for the reach and exposure of underground assets for the purpose of repair, replacement or maintenance.

Precision in Protection of your Underground Assets

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Offering services in the South East Queensland area including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and western regions, and extending further south to Northern NSW, VAC2U is ready and willing to help with any non-destructive digging and sucker truck hire requirements. Call 0420 902 279.

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