VAC2U's highly-trained and certified team provide a trusted and accurate standard of utility mapping service that is second to none in South East Queensland.


What is Utility Mapping?

Utility Mapping is the use of state of the art radar technology to create an accurate map of the underground elements of a site. This process is crucial when working on or developing sites where the only site data available is old, out of date, of dubious quality or unavailable.

Don’t risk obstructing third-party underground infrastructure and running into damages costs. Use our state-of-the-art radar technology to map through the site prior to digging or excavating.

How Utility Mapping works?

Using electromagnetic locating, ground-penetrating radar, Electro-Magnetic Induction and vacuum construction techniques, our team can identify exactly what type of utilities are buried underground onsite and pinpoint their precise location, including the accurate depths of the utility and its orientation. From electrical cables, concrete structures, water pipes and sewerage systems, VAC2U can locate and mark the locations of utilities throughout SOuth East Queensland for future reference, available for whenever you want to begin building. 

Why use Utility Mapping?

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to safety. From digging a ditch in the back garden for gardening to digging trenches on large scale civil construction projects, all excavation projects big and small must ensure that site workers are safe during construction. Not only should workers be safe, but the local public should not be put at risk due to damaged utilities, such as through ruptured gas lines or striking electrical cables.

Having a clear picture of the sites underground before you start digging minimises the risk of potential cable and utility strikes that can cause damage to third party services and the residents of the area surrounding the site. Our utility mapping services aim to be as comprehensive as possible, listing no only what utilities lie underneath the surface, but also what doesn't.


VAC2U provide Utility Mapping, hydro excavation and ground penetrating services across South East Queensland from the Sunshine Coast down to Northern New South Wales.

What areas do you service?

Interested? Book a time with VAC2U for utility mapping ?

VAC2U offers its utility mapping services, powered by our electromagnetic locating, ground-penetrating radar, Electro-Magnetic Induction and vacuum construction techniques. Contact us on 0420 902 279 for all your enquiries on Utility Mapping and ground-penetrating radar requirements.


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