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Precision in Protection of your Underground Assets

Potholing is a non-destructive digging process that uses vacuum excavation to dig precision holes around utility lines to expose them. This precise hole is small and used for exploratory purposes by digging along the proposed path of underground construction to check no conflict or interruptions exists with subsurface construction projects. The main benefits of potholing are preventing damage to utilities, cost-effectiveness, time-efficiency, safety, and uses in diverse applications.

1. Prevent Damage to Utilities

Potholing prevents damage to utilities by using sucker trucks which use compressed air or water to remove earth to locate the utilities. Replacement or repair will be necessary if other methods of digging cut or damage underground utilities. Particularly damage to fibre optic lines that can be extremely sensitive. Replacing or repairing utilities is labour-intensive, costly and slows down project progression. The vacuum excavation method ensures utilities remain undamaged and the project can continue as scheduled.


Critical utilities, like this pipe, can easily be damaged through general excavation methods. Using non-destructive digging services will ensure you avoid this outcome.

3 benefits of potholing - excavating around pipes and cables

2. Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient and Safe

Using a vacuum excavator or hydro excavator instead of a shovel for potholing has its cost, time and safety advantages. It can be expensive to damage underground utilities with project downtime costs and contractor fines. As opposed to heavy equipment, hydro and air pressure from vacuum excavation potholing does not damage existing utilities as water and air can manoeuvre around the sensitive utilities. Potholing gives the operator an instant clear view in the underground hole being dealt with. Potholing is a safe process as any risk of cutting or damaging any electrical or telecommunication lines is eliminated.

3 benefits of potholing - excavating around pipes and cables

3. Use in Diverse Applications

Potholing is used on diverse projects in a variety of industries. Potholing with pressurised water or air is important to locate various utilities including gas pipes, water lines and fibre optic cables. There are many different companies and industries that repeatedly utilise potholing for oil refineries, engineering services, barge operations and pipeline companies.

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