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With its highly trained operators and technicians, VAC2U has established itself as an industry leader in underground service location, vacuum loading, drain cleaning, and other hydro excavation and non-destructive services.

This article will take a closer look at two recent projects VAC2U have completed for key clients in Brisbane that showcase our professionalism, expertise, and reliability in action.


Project 1: Site services for Berrinba commercial development

VAC2U recently assisted at a Berrinba commercial development, cleaning a large detention tank – measuring 50m x 50m x 10m deep – as part of an environmental filter installation. As a specialised confined access operator, our fully ticketed and trained team effectively utilised high-pressure gurneys and cleaning attachments to move slurry and other materials from the tank’s interior surfaces before suctioning them into one of our state-of-the-art vacuum trucks for safe disposal.


Project 2: Crossriverrail - South Brisbane

VAC2U assisted Wired Overhead Solutions and GCE Contractors with work on the Crossriverrail project. This significant infrastructure development involves the construction of a 10.2km new rail line with a 5.9km tunnel running beneath the Brisbane River and CBD. VAC2U have been able to assist with this $5.4 billion project, carrying out essential service location, liquid waste removal, and hydro excavation works.


Partner with VAC2U for your next project

When it comes to handling complex underground services and hydro excavation projects, VAC2U stands out as a reliable and expert choice. Our commitment to safety, precision, and efficiency has made us a preferred partner for significant projects across Brisbane. Whether it's a large-scale commercial development or a critical infrastructure project, our team's proficiency in non-destructive digging, liquid waste removal, and high-pressure cleaning will ensure your project's success.

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