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VAC2U specialise in drain cleaning with our range of high-tech plumbing equipment including CCTV inspection camera, drain cleaners and jet rodders. Our plumbing equipment provides tough but safe removal of drain and pipe blockages. We regularly service, clean and test all of our equipment to high quality and safety standards. Our equipment is designed to suit all residential and commercial drains. No matter the type of drain blockage, we have the skills and equipment to clean and restore your drains.


CCTV Inspection Camera

The first step in draining cleaning is to thoroughly inspect the type of drain blockage that is being dealt with. A CCTV inspection camera is used for drain or pipe inspection of the blockage or checking the drain health to take preventative measures. The CCTV inspection camera produces real-time data of your drain or pipe to allow you to decide what drain cleaning method is right for your situation. The top two drain cleaning methods are drain cleaners and jet rodders.


Drain Cleaners

A popular drain cleaning method is using drain cleaners that are available in both recycling and standard combo units. These clog removers are compact, easy to transport and suitable for tight access areas. Drain cleaners are also chemical products that are used to unblock sewer pipes or clogged wastewater drains.

Jet Rodders

Another drain cleaning process involves utilising jet rodders. Jet rodders are high pressure jetting systems that can funnel through drains and pipes of any size. This hydro jetting system works by using high pressurised water to break through blockages and clogs. Hydro pressure cleaning is a safe and effective process designed to pump water up to 5000psi to thoroughly clean drains.

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